Chuk Palu


    Chuk Palu and Rahim Walizada will take you on a journey through the hidden beauty of Afghanistan, an important crossroads dominated by other civilizations throughout its history.

    Afghanistan is a country of stories. Stories of war, love, enmity and beauty. Memories of the past, understanding of the present, and imagining of the future are crafted and told through poetry, the sapience of ancient proverbs, and a long and deeply rooted custom of oral history. Objects, as much as words, carry this wisdom in a long craft tradition that testifies to a rich and diverse geography and history.

    Afghanistan has been a cultural and commercial hub, a cradle of artistic, musical, religious and economic exchanges along the Silk Road that has linked East and West for centuries. Words, objects, ideas and beliefs have travelled, mixed and changed, leaving an eternal mark on the country. Three decades of war have had a dramatic impact on Afghanistan's economy, heritage and culture. Much has been lost, but the seeds of this great cultural ferment have been quietly preserved by artists and artisans who have nurtured their practices despite the risks and threats.

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