M Nuance

M Shade


    In 2016, Céline took over the mirrors of the Morning brand, created by Vanessa Lambert and Barbara Zorn. His goal was to continue to breathe life into these unique pieces, with their organic and random shapes.

    Each mirror is a unique piece, made in Portugal, in the Porto region. Céline has a particular affection for this country, for its culture, its know-how, its architecture, its “azulejos” and its varied landscapes.

    All mirrors, sheath boxes and accessories are made by hand, near Porto.

    The know-how of the artisans gives life to unique and authentic pieces. Remarkable work carried out by manufacturers who have real know-how.

    In these workshops, Luis, Rui and Joao have been shaping from generation to generation for decades. The nails are hammered by hand by Jorge, in his typical workshop.

    Finally, the boxes take shape thanks to the dexterity of Luisa and her daughters, who have traditionally made these sleeves for Porto bottles for several generations.

    Nine steps are required to shape the random shapes and irregular bevels.

    Each mirror is protected by a custom-made case. The boxes are cut one by one, then glued and assembled by hand.